No Safe Zone
Mark. Brasil. I hate The Walking Dead
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“I can save lives. That’s reason enough to risk mine.” (for hershelgrimes)

Every sacrifice we make, needs to be for the great or good, and here, you’re not the great or good. You’re part of a s y s t e m.

[make me choose] ohfrays asked: choose your favourite season of twd - s e a s o n  t w o.

"I guess I’m losing hope that you can hear me. But there’s always that chance, isn’t there? That slim chance. It’s all about slim chances now. I tried to do everything right, keep people safe. I tried, Morgan.I tried. Our group’s smaller now. We lost another, day before last. It was her choice. I won’t say I blame her. She lost faith. The CDC was a dead end. I met a man there, a scientist. He told me something, he told me… It doesn’t matter. 

The Walking Dead Entertainment Weekly Cover

hershelgreenie: request: shane and favorite quotes. or hershel and favorite quotes, if you've done shane before (lets be real, you love him so much you probably have)

hahaha you know me, Chelsea. I’ll do somethin’ with Hershel for u. :)

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request somethin’

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