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so as i mentioned recently, womenoftwd turns a year old this month, and i had the idea of doing a meme as a way of celebrating that milestone while at the same time encouraging more lady-positivity among the fandom over what’s left of hiatus

i’m going to be doing this on my personal blog because i don’t want my personal preferences to influence what i post here, but it would be really awesome if other people decided to do this as well. you can make gifsets, picspams, graphics - whatever you want, essentially, and feel free to change some of the categories around if you’d prefer to do things a different way. the only real rule is no character hate, and make sure to tag whatever you create with ‘twd ladies meme’ so that i can find it easily and reblog it here


1. favorite regular female character
2. favorite minor/recurring female character
3. favorite mother character
4. favorite female child
5. favorite character development arc
6. female character with the best lines
7. female character you most identify with
8. female character with the most wasted potential
9. female character you wish was still alive
10. female character you want to see more of in the future
11. favorite femslash ship
12. favorite het ship
13. favorite sibling relationship
14. favorite female friendship
15. female relationship with the most wasted potential
16. female relationship you want to see more of in the future
17. favorite season for female characters
18. favorite episode to heavily feature one or more female characters
19. a sad moment involving a female character
20. a happy moment involving a female character
21. an empowering moment involving a female character
22. a scene involving two or more female characters
23. favorite walker kill by a female character
24. favorite outfit worn by a female character
25. anything you want

as i said, those categories don’t have to be set in stone; it’s more a template than anything else, so feel free to change things up if you so desire. the important thing is to have fun, and to show some appreciation for our ladies in a fandom that is so often dominated by the men. so go forth, reblog, and if you have any questions/suggestions/general comments please don’t hesitate to hit up the askbox <3

They're fucking with the wrong people.

» (36-37/100) photos of Jon Bernthal.

color meme: michonne and carl + 12 (autumn colors); requested by anonymous

Anonymous: i love your url <3333

So I guess you read the comics, right?! I’m glad that you like it ♥

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Hey, guys! First, sorry for my english, is not my first language, but I hope you understand. So, you may not know much about my personal life, but I need your help with something. I’ve dating for five months with a boy (yeah, a boy), called Rodrigo. And we discussed this week, and now he’s mad at…

The Walking Dead Cast + After The Walking Dead (01/??)

Emma Bell - Final Destination (2011) / Jon Bernthal - Fury (2014) / Robin Lord Taylor - Gotham (2014) / Sarah Wayne Callies - Into The Storm (2014)